Uranium: a Python Build System

What is Uranium?

Uranium is an assembly framework for Python, designed to help assist with the assembling Python services. Uranium provides tools for dependency management, reuse of assembly scripts, configuration, and other common requirements for an assembly system.

Uranium provides package isolation and management via virtualenv and pip, and is a good solution to problems that arise in large-scale assembly systems:

  • setting a version pin across multiple projects.
  • reusing common assembly tasks, such as downloading configuration
  • providing a simple configuration system that can be consumed by multiple projects.

An example configuration looks like this:

import subprocess
# this is a uranium.py file
# it requires at the minimum a function
# main that accepts a parameter build.
def main(build):
    # you can change the index urls as desired.
    build.packages.index_urls = ["http://www.mycompany.com/index",
    # packages are installed using the packages.install method.
    # once an egg is installed, you can run arbitrary scripts installed
    # into the sandbox:
    return subprocess.call(["py.test", "mytests"] + build.options.args)

Uranium is compatible with python2, python3, and pypy


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