Source code for uranium.remote

import os
import requests

[docs]def get_remote_script(url, local_vars=None, cache_dir=None, refresh_cache=False): """ download a remote script, evaluate it, and return a dictionary containing all of the globals instantiated. this can be VERY DANGEROUS! downloading and executing raw code from any remote source can be very insecure. if a cache directory is provided, the script will """ body = None local_vars = local_vars or {} if cache_dir: body = _retrieve_script_from_cache( url, cache_dir, refresh_cache=refresh_cache ) else: if os.path.isfile(url): with open(url, 'r') as f: body = else: body = requests.get(url).text script_locals = {} script_locals.update(local_vars) exec(body, script_locals) return script_locals
def _retrieve_script_from_cache(url, cache_dir, refresh_cache=False): path = url.replace("/", "_").replace("\\", "_") path = os.path.join(cache_dir, path) if refresh_cache or not os.path.exists(path): body = requests.get(url).text if not os.path.exists(cache_dir): os.makedirs(cache_dir) with open(path, "w") as fh: fh.write(body) return body with open(path) as fh: return